Moving from one place to another is turmoil indeed. You cannot move alone; you’ve to carry each and every belonging. But a proper planning saves your money and also reduces your stress.

No matter where are you shifting – to the next building or to another city, shifting your resident or shifting office, you need time and planning for removing your movable properties. Removalists are there to help you. But are you sure that your chosen men are the best in their job? If not, follow the tips and see for yourself.

How to Choose Top Removal Service?

  1. Plan your move before:
    Make a plan for your journey and packing to avoid last time chaos. Inform them at least one month before you’re moving and they will help you pack your goods. They might help you by telling how to pack the heavy assets like a big wardrobe, refrigerator or a king size sofa.
  2. Google it:
    The best way to find the best removalist is handy. Technology rules this era. You can get any information sitting your home. Search in Google for the top class service in your locality and go through their websites and company profiles on social media. Apart from this watch carefully the customer review columns.
  3. Compare quotes:
    Collect information about at least 5 companies and compare their quotes. This step helps you plan your budget. Compare their fees, travel allowances, labour wages etc. After comparing all these you can choose the cheapest one.
  4. Reference check:
    If possible you check the references of the reviews and comments on social Media. You can meet their previous clients to get the first-hand information about the organisation.
  5. Check their office:
    Get out from this virtual world and step into the real world and check out their office. Visit their office physically and meet the manager or owner if possible and ask for their services though you are aware of it already from the Internet.
  6. Licence and insurance:
    It’s most important to deal with a certified company for your own safety. You can ask them to send the copies of their licence and certificate by mail. Don’t finalise any deal before knowing if they are authorised or not.
  7. Expect extra care of your belongings:
    The professional removal service always caters you with the best features of the removal process. They take different care for the different types of assets. If you have some delicate antiques or heavy stuff like a classic piano or a grandfather’s clock, ask them to offer special care for it.
  8. Check their professionalism:
    Always look for the professional teams. Now the question is how do you know it before dealing with them? Well, some little hints are there. Staffs who are wearing a particular uniform with company holograms are considered to be professionals. Their vehicles convey their logos and the billing process will be on their company notepad.
  9. Associated services:
    Ask them apart from the removal service if they provide packing services or not. And if yes, know about the packing charges.
  10. Eco-friendly removal:
    Last but the most important point is to remove in an eco-friendly manner. Ask them if the boxes and covers they will use are Environment-friendly. Companies that provides top class services always use recyclable products.

This is how you can choose the top most removal service on your own. Just go through the points and implement them.