Export Wrapping

We are able to provide an expert export wrapping service for both customers moving overseas or for those valuable and fragile that you worry about around the house. In addition to the normal packing materials that you’ll find during a move, we will supply the following

  • Furni-Guard – This is a white and black protective material which is ideal for wrapping furniture and larger items.
  • Furni-Soft – This is a white and red protective material which has a softer interior and is ideal for wrapping canvas paintings and slightly more fragile items.
  • Bespoke Crates – We will take the correct measurements of your items and provide bespoke crates of all shapes and sizes to accommodate your items. Before placing in the crate, we will secure and pack using one of the materials listed above to extra protect and safely house your item.
  • Poly Chips – These are small foam chips that are ideal for packing lamps, sculptures, and other fragile irregular shaped items.

Of course, all of the materials mean very little without the expertise of our removals teams whom have vast experience, great initiative and mental forethought to safely complete the work at hand.

If there is anything that you may have concerns about, then please contact us on 020 3544 8060 to discuss.