Moving Checklist

Important Information To Consider Before, During and After Your Move

If we are providing a packing service for you then please leave on your beds any items you will require overnight, such as clothing and toiletries, so we know not to pack them.

Put together a ‘moving pack’ of essential items that you will need easy access to during the move. This might include plates, kettle, tea, coffee, loo roll, light bulbs, phone charger and any other items that would be useful especially if you have children. Label and place this ‘pack’ in a corner of the kitchen for moving day.

Waiting time at your new address: we aim to have you safely moved into your new home by 6pm on the completion day and we will staff the job accordingly to make that happen.

You should gain access to your new property between 12.00-1.00pm on the move day but sometimes things to do not go so smoothly for reasons beyond our control. We will wait between 1.00-2.00pm at no charge but should we be required to wait beyond 2.00pm we will charge £17.50 + VAT per man per hour. The team leader for your move will advise you should this apply and contact our office to notify us.

In the unlikely event that you have not received the keys by 4.30pm we will need to discuss the possibility of your move not being completed by the cut off time of 7.30pm on the day. Our crew are legally permitted to work until 7.30pm due to EU legislation including the working time directive and drivers hours.

Unfortunately Both are non negotiable and failure to comply could lead to our operators licence being revoked.

In some circumstances you might have the ability to charge this fee back to your vendors through your solicitor.

Should your property not complete on the day of the move we will do everything possible to accommodate you. In most cases we will be operating jobs on the following day so we will need to store your effects as they will not be able to stay on the van overnight.
We will then arrange a suitable time for delivery and provide you with a quote for the extra work.

This is an unusual situation but we will try to offer you the best solution.

We will reassemble standard items at your new home such as beds, sofas and tables that we know we will need to dismantle to perform the move. Should there be any unexpected items to take apart during the move that have not been pre agreed, we will dismantle them where ever possible but will not reassemble as standard. If you would like us to reassemble we can do this for £65.00 + VAT per hour.

Please make sure that we are aware of any furniture that had difficulty getting into your property or required any specialist equipment such as furniture hoists

If you have any specialist items such as commercial grade gym equipment or bespoke fitted furniture these will need to be professionally dismantled ideally by the company you purchased from.

If you have purchased any new flat packed furniture that will need assembling, we can do this at a cost of £65.00 + VAT per hour.

We will endeavour to make the property as safe as possible during the move by not leaving tools out and making sure boxes are stacked safely, but please keep an eye on your little ones to avoid any accidents! If you have the opportunity to ask grandparents to help look after your children, this can sometimes be a good option!

Advise neighbours when you are moving for them to avoid parking in suspended bays during the move. This can avoid any awkward conversations on the day of the move as we have often seen vehicles removed and ticketed.

If you have a loft/attic we recommend that you bring down any items that you require to be moved before we arrive. Our insurance does not cover our men working in our customers’ lofts due to increased risk of injury and potential damage to your property. If you require help on the day of the move we are more than happy to assist as long as our men are not physically in the loft.

If you require the carpets at either property to be protected we can supply carpet protector at £20.00 + vat per 25 metre roll. If you require this please make sure the carpets are not wet from carpet cleaning, as the protection will not stick to it. We will require 7 days’ notice of this to ensure we have enough in stock.

It is likely that you will have several keys for different doors at your property. Please collect these into one place to avoid any problems on the day.

Following your move we will collect your boxes for you within the M25. In order to qualify for the Eco refund of £25.00 we require the following:

  • All boxes must be stored inside, stacked flat in a dry and heated space until collection. Damp boxes are unusable!
  • All boxes must be opened by a knife, we suggest a box cutter which you can buy from any B&Q for £2.00 – please do not tear the tape off the boxes as this reduces the life of the box
  • All boxes must be returned dust free – boxes covered in dust are unuseable. Inners for wine boxes and hangers for wardrobe boxes must be retained
  • We will only pick up the cardboard boxes. All other packing material (paper, bubble wrap etc) should be disposed of separately

Should your new property be outside the M25 we will be unable to collect the boxes unless we make separate arrangements with you. We might, however, be able to arrange for a local removal company to collect them should you wish.

Special requests/questions

If you have any special requests during the move or any concerns at all, please do feel free to ask.

We are here to help and take the stress out of your move!

Please help prepare your property for your move by de-cluttering and throwing away items that you no longer require. You can usually take these items to the tip free of charge.

Please note that we can provide a tipping service for larger items that you wish to get rid of at a cost of £195.00 + VAT per half tonne.

If you purchase any additional furniture between the quote being accepted and your move date, it is important that you let us know. It may affect the vehicle space required and will possibly incur an additional charge.

It is really important that we have an accurate description of access to your new property, especially if it is outside London. We need to know if there are any access issues for lorries both at the address and/or in the local area if possible.

All moves that we operate assume that we can park the vehicle within 10 metres of the main entrance to the house and the impact of not having the correct information can mean the job overrunning substantially.

If unforeseen access issues cause the job to overrun and have not been discussed prior to the move we will charge £17.50 plus VAT per man per hour after 6pm until the job is complete.

Should you require a professional cleaning company to clean either your current or new property we can recommend Kingdoms Cleaners. Please contact Don Tucker on 07708 217 113 for a quote.

Large pots over 50KG, those made of stone or kitchen sinks, which have been planted will need to be emptied before we can move them. Although our men are very strong we have to be careful to stay within the permitted gross vehicle weights ad pots full of earth/plants and trees can quickly push you over the legal weight limits!

If you have particularly large and heavy pots that cannot be emptied we can get a quote for a more suitable vehicle to transport them for you.

Should you require a handyman or electrician to take down chandeliers, remove window frames or complete any other specialist jobs around your property we can recommend a company called Silver Saints. Please contact them on 0207 7099 9199 or book online by visiting their website at

Our removal men will disconnect your washing machine or dishwasher but you will need to arrange to reconnect at the new property. Occasionally if the machine has been there for some time the fittings can rust or be impossible to undo. If this is the case we will need to arrange for a plumber or handyman to attend and we will invoice you for the work carried out.

Should we need to remove a window frame on the day of a removal to move any large items of furniture we will charge £100.00 plus VAT for the service. Please pre-advise us of any items which you know may be difficult to remove through doorways and/or corridors.

Speak to all your utility providers including gas, electricity, water, telephone and TV to close your accounts, and make sure you take all meter readings on the day of the move.

Remember to visit your post office and arrange to redirect any mail.

Advise your GP practice and dentist that you are moving and search for a new one in your local area.

Reduce your food stocks especially in the fridge and freezer to a minimum to avoid these items going off or defrosting during the move. If you’re unable to run down your freezer contents then simply notify us and we’ll provide a freezer box on the day of your move.

We will arrange parking suspensions on your behalf unless agreed otherwise. Should we agree to use visitor parking permits on the 1st day of a move we will need you to arrange this for us with your local council.

If there are no parking restrictions in place outside your property then this might be a good time to ask a favour from a friendly neighbor to reserve some space. Any parking tickets we incur which are beyond our control will be invoiced to you following the move.

This may be the first time you’ve moved in a number of years or you may find it difficult to find the time to get your house and life ready to move. If you would like admin and project management help, we recommend one stop organisers who will leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring you are ready for move day. Contact Ashley on 07966 270 325

All claims must be reported to us by email within seven days of the final day of your move