Moving home is one of the most stressful and hectic events of life. Leaving the familiar place, bidding adieu to the friends and neighbours, facing unwanted problems and delay, and getting accustomed to a new place are just a couple of consequences that you have to deal with. All of these are quite stressful while the stress level gets augmented with the high cost associated with the move. This can be even more stressful when you are on strict budget. However, making cheap removals is possible.

Factors influencing the cost of removals

While determining the cost of move, the removals companies consider the following factors.

  • Distance between the old and new house
  • Volume of possessions to be removed
  • Accessibility to the properties
  • Time schedule of the move
  • Extra services, if any

Tips to save on Home Removals in Clapham

As you already know the factors that the moving companies consider while determining the cost, you can surely identify the areas where you have chances to save.

  • Declutter – Volume or quality of belongings play important role. The fewer things you will bring, the lower the company will charge you. Give unessential goods to recycle, friends or charity who would find them to be useful. You can also sell them and earn some money that comes useful during the period of move.
  • Pack things on your own – At least try to do it as much as possible. You can ask your family and/or willing friends to help you with packing to expedite the process of Home Removals in clapham. Don’t forget to return their favour with a pizza party. However, for delicate and heavy items you surely need to depend on the packers.
  • Choose the right timing – Shop around, connect companies, and compare quotes as well as other facilities and book quickly as removals companies tend to charge higher for last minute requests. This planned process will let you save some more time and budget as well. And that surely lowers the chance of any unplanned expenses. Also schedule the move during off-peak times. Never opt for weekends, first and last days of a month, bank holidays, unless emergency. May to September – this period is considered to be the peak season for home move. Better you avoid these months.

These are the basic and surefire tips for cheap home move with the help of Home Removals in Clapham. You shouldn’t refrain from bargaining charges for a better deal.