Meet Jonno the Lorry

Jonno, our new lorry loves a bit of London sightseeing.

Despite the election we’ve had our busiest Q1 ever with Q2 looking like a record breaker too. Due to the increased size and distance travelled on many of our moves we’ve purchased a 10.5 tonne truck which we’ve named Jonno.

Vehicles 1, 2 and 3 have been named, respectively, ‘Dougie’ (Trevor Woodman), ‘Thommo’ (Steve Thompson) and ‘Raging Bull’ (Phil Vickery). Keep an eye out for Dougie, Thommo, Raging Bull and Jonno as they carry some serious yards across the UK.

Why Jonno, you may ask? Well, the management team at Cavendish & Country enjoy their rugby (mainly watching rather than playing these days!) so, as a mark of respect to the Rugby World Cup winning squad of 2003, we’ve decided to number and name our fleet after the members of that squad of players; it is by complete coincidence that our largest truck to date is the 4th vehicle in our fleet and is named after the captain and man-mountain Martin Johnson or Jonno.