Important Information

+ Access to the new property

It is really important that we have an accurate description of how to access your property – especially if it is outside of London.

We operate on the premise that we can park our vehicle/s within 10 metres of the main entrance to your property. We need to know about anything that could delay or prevent our removal men and our vehicles from accessing your property both at the address and/or en route.

We charge £17.50 per man, per hour (plus VAT) after 6:00 pm for disruptions resulting from difficulty to access your property, unless discussed with us prior to your move.

+ Attics and lofts

Items stored in an attic or loft that are to be moved by us should be removed from the attic or loft prior to your move. Personal Injury and Property Damage are not covered by our insurance policy due to increased risk when working in an attic or loft.

If required, can assist you by handling items from outside the entrance to the attic or loft.

+ Box collection

If you live within the M25, we can collect Cavendish & Country supplied boxes after your move. In order to qualify for an Eco Refund of £25.00, all boxes must be:

  • Stored dry, flat and in reusable condition;
  • Opened using a box-cutter or knife; and
  • Free of dust, dirt and debris.

Damaged or 3rd-party boxes, used packing materials and other waste should be disposed of separately.

+ Carpet protection

We can supply and fit carpet protector to dry carpets at your property. We charge £20.00 per 25 metre roll (plus VAT) or part-roll, and require 7 days notice in advance of your move.

+ Children at home during your move

Our removal men take certain precautions when stacking boxes, disassembling furniture and storing tools in order to reduce the risk of accidents occurring. However, you are responsible for your family's safety, and arranging external care for young children may reduce additional stress for you during your move.

+ Cleaning your property

There may be instances when moving dusty or soiled items into or out of your property disturbs the cleanliness of your property. While our removal men take steps to minimise or avoid this, we do not offer professional cleaning services to our customers.

We recommend Cleanletts for professional cleaning services. Please contact Jenny Alexandridi and mention Cavendish & Country. More information about protecting your carpets can be found on this page.

+ Decluttering and unwanted items

Decluttering and discarding unwanted items prior to your move will save time and space during your move. Unwanted items are usually accepted at a rubbish tip or charity, free of charge. We can assist by offering a Tipping Service.

We charge £195.00 per half tonne (plus VAT) to clear larger unwanted items, and require notice in advance of your move.

+ Difficult, large or special items

We need to know about any items that could be difficult to move out of or into your property, or that may require special tools or equipment in order to move them. Our removal men will disassemble and assemble beds, wardrobes, sofas, tables and other furniture and recreational items as required, where it was agreed at the time of your booking confirmation.

We charge £65.00 per hour (plus VAT) to assemble: items that require disassembly in order to move them, and it was not agreed at the time of your booking confirmation; or new furniture items where it was agreed at the time of your booking confirmation. We charge a variable rate to supply a furniture hoist, where agreed at the time of your booking confirmation.

Bespoke or special items to be moved should be professionally dismantled by the company you purchased them from prior to your move. This includes gymnasium equipment and custom-fitted furniture, for example.

+ Family medical and your local GP

Remember to update your address with your General Practitioner, Family Practice and/or Dental Clinic; or register with a new one nearby.

+ Food and frozen goods

Reducing perishables that you keep on hand to a minimum during your move can avoid excessive waste resulting from food spoiling during periods without refrigeration. If required, we can supply a cooler box in which to store remaining frozen goods during your move.

+ Incomplete renovation or redecoration works

We will do everything possible to accommodate you should disruptions resulting from incomplete renovation or redecoration works prevent us from completing your move safely or to schedule. We can assist by placing your items in secure storage until redelivery on an agreed date.

We charge a variable rate for storage solutions and we may adjust your quote according to the storage volume and holding duration. This is an unusual situation however we will try to offer the best possible solution for you.

+ Insurance claims

You must inform us of your intent to make a claim by writing to us within seven days from the final day of your move. You can send us an email or submit our Contact Us form.

+ Late keys or delayed access to the property

We plan to complete your move by 6:00 pm on the last scheduled day of your move. Where practical, you should be in possession of keys to your new property before 12:30 pm.

We charge £17.50 per man per hour (plus VAT) after 2:00 pm for disruptions resulting from late keys or delays to access your property, unless discussed with us prior to your move. We may reschedule completing your move if access to your property is delayed beyond 4:30 pm or if we are unable to complete your move by 7:30 pm.

+ Moving newly acquired items

We need to know about any items to be moved that you acquire after the time of your booking confirmation. We may charge a fee or adjust your quote for additional vehicle and/or storage space required.

+ Neighbours

We recommend notifying neighbours of your planned moving dates in order for them to be aware of potential disruptions caused by the presence and activity of our removal men, prepaid parking suspensions, activity of removal vehicles, etc.

We may request ticketing and removal of vehicles occupying parking suspensions intended for use by our vehicles.

+ Things to do before we pack

Unless you have chosen to self-pack, our removal men will pack everything agreed at the time of your booking confirmation – they cannot inspect every individual sundry item. Things for you to do before we pack:

  • Locate, consolidate and keep all keys to the property;
  • Locate consolidate and keep cash, cards, wallets, passports, and other important documents that you may need during your move;
  • Pre-pack overnight bags or suitcases containing clothing, toiletries, and sundry items that should not be packed with your other items, and place them on beds; and
  • Pre-pack and keep in your kitchen a labelled "Survival Kit", a box containing other essential items that you will need access to during your move. Common examples include basic minimum kitchenware, tea and coffee, kettle, hygiene rolls, light bulbs, device chargers, and items for children.

+ Parking

We will arrange parking suspensions on your behalf unless you ask us not to. Should we agree to use visitor parking permits on the 1st day of a move we will need you to arrange this for us with your local council.If there are no parking restrictions in place outside your property then this might be a good time to ask a favour from a friendly neighbour to reserve some space. Any parking tickets we incur which are beyond our control will be invoiced to you following the move.

+ Post

Remember to visit your post office and arrange to redirect any mail.

+ Planters and pottery

Large pots over 50KG, those made of stone or kitchen sinks, which have been planted will need to be emptied before we can move them. Although our men are very strong we have to be careful to stay within the permitted gross vehicle weights ad pots full of earth/plants and trees can quickly push you over the legal weight limits! If you have particularly large and heavy pots that cannot be emptied we can get a quote for a more suitable vehicle to transport them for you.

+ Post-moving organisation and management

This may be the first time you’ve moved in a number of years or you may find it difficult to find the time to get your house and life ready to move. If you would like admin and project management help, we recommend one stop organisers who will leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring you are ready for move day. Contact Ashley on 07966 270 325 or at

+ Special requests or questions

If you have any special requests during the move or any concerns at all, please do feel free to ask. We are here to help and take the stress out of your move!

+ Tradesmen

Should you require a handyman or electrician to take down chandeliers, remove window frames or complete any other specialist jobs around your property we can recommend a company called Silver Saints. Please contact them on 0207 7099 9199 or book online by visiting their website at

Our removal men will disconnect your washing machine or dishwasher but you will need to arrange to reconnect at the new property. Occasionally if the machine has been there for some time the fittings can rust or be impossible to undo. If this is the case we will need to arrange for a plumber or handyman to attend and we will invoice you for the work carried out. Should we need to remove a window frame on the day of a removal to move any large items of furniture we will charge £100.00 plus VAT for the service. Please pre-advise us of any items which you know may be difficult to remove through doorways and/or corridors.

+ Utilities

Speak to all your utility providers including gas, electricity, water, telephone and TV to close your accounts, and make sure you take all meter readings on the day of the move.

Did we forget something? Call us.