Ready to rumble.

We are able to provide an expert export wrapping service for both customers moving overseas or for those valuable and fragile items that you worry about around the house.

In addition to the normal packing materials that you’ll find during a move, we will supply the appropriate materials to wrap:

  • Furniture and other large items

  • Canvas paintings

  • Fragile items

  • Sculptures and other irregularly-shaped items

  • Lamps and lampshades

Of course, all of the materials mean very little without the expertise of our removals teams whom have vast experience, great initiative and mental forethought to safely complete the work at hand.

Just ask us about this service when planning your move, or call us

Bespoke Crates / 
Made-to-measure, wooden crates lined with one or more of the materials below.

Furni-Guard / 
Tough plastic lined with bubble. Ideal for furniture and large items.

Furni-Soft /
Furniture-Guard with a svelte fabric lining. Great for canvas paintings, large mirrors and antiques. 

Poly-Chips /
Foam chips full of tiny air bubbles that fill empty space. Perfect for lamps, sculptures and irregular shapes.