Frequently Asked Questions

+ How much will our move cost?

Every move we do is unique and the price is dependent on what you are moving, where from, where to and the type of move you require. For every enquiry we receive we will arrange a free of charge survey visit to your home to professionally assess your move and provide an accurate quotation. We provide a cubic measurement for the size of the move, which allows us to make sure that you have the correct manpower and vehicles for the move.

+ How long will our move take?

This will depend on the size of the property and the distance that you are moving but most moves take between 1-3 days. During our survey we will of course clarify this for you. On the day of the move we aim to complete the move by 6pm and staff the job accordingly (this is dependent on gaining access to your new property on time).

+ What packing and unpacking services do you offer?

Full Packing
Our professionally trained packers will carefully pack all items within your home. This includes all fragile items such as glass and china as well as books, clothes and other miscellaneous objects. Should you have any specialist items of bespoke furniture or gym equipment that require the manufacturers help we will advise.

Fragile Packing
We will deliver boxes prior to your move for you to pack non-fragile items. On arrival we will concentrate on packing the contents of your kitchen, pictures, mirrors and other designated fragile items.

Export Packing
We are able to provide a specialist Export Packing service for clients moving overseas or for those whom have particularly fragile items. We use a specialist material called Furni-Guard as well as producing bespoke crates to fit all manner of items from Sculptures and works of Art to Chandeliers and Pianos. Should you be concerned about any particular item in your home, then please discuss this with us so that we can provide a suitable solution.

Flat surface Unpack
Our unpacking service is becoming more and more popular with our clients and involves unpacking all boxes and placing on flat surfaces for you to put away. We also take away all packaging materials on the day of the move and dispose responsibly of all wrapping paper, bubble wrap and tape. Please note that this service is available within the M25 only and would take place on the day following your move. Please note that a successful unpack, to a large degree, depends on your interaction with our team during the process.

+ Are my goods insured?

Yes. We provide £50,000.00 of Removers and General Insurance Cover for every move that we undertake. We strongly recommend that you do not under value the content to be moved and should you require a higher amount to be covered, then we will charge £10.00 (+IPT) incrementally for every £5,000.00 between £50,000.00 and £100,000.00. This is a superior insurance policy to the standard liability cover that most removals companies provide as a minimum requirement. If you should require insurance for items in excess of £100,00.00 then we will provide a bespoke quotation to suit. If you undertake either our fragile packing service or indeed you wish to pack yourselves, then you must provide a full inventory of your possessions in order for us to insure you against total loss whilst your possessions are in transit. Please note that this cover does not include breakages for items that you have packed yourself.

+ What happens if I don't get the keys to my new property on time?

Should the keys for your new property not arrive before 2.00pm on the day of your move we charge £17.50 + VAT per man per hour. However we do provide an option to purchase a Late Key Waiver as part of our quote, which will extend the late key arrival cover from 2.00pm until 4.30pm. This means that should there be a delay you have that extra peace of mind. Within our conditions should there be a delay our crew will work until 7.30pm or until they have used up their hours under the working hours directive. Please note that if the removal cannot be completed within that day (as planned), a delayed access charge will be applied to complete the move at a mutually agreed time and date. We will endeavour to ensure that minimal cost and inconvenience is caused.

+ Can you arrange parking suspensions for our move?

We will arrange all parking suspensions on your behalf and add the council charges to your invoice. Most moves require two or three bays to be suspended at your current address. Sometimes we can use a parking suspension at your new address, which has been paid for by your vendors. If this is not the case we would ask you to advise us so we can arrange for you. Please note that most councils require a minimum of 10 working days notice for requesting a parking suspension not including the current day so please give us plenty of notice.

+ Will you reassemble our furniture as part of the move?

We will reassemble beds, sofas and tables as a standard part of the move. If you require us to reassemble wardrobes, gym equipment and any other complex items we will need to agree this prior to the move.

+ Will you un-plumb our washing machine?

Yes. Please can you advise the men on the location of the stopcock. Occasionally we come across a problem whilst un-plumbing your washing machine that will require a handyman to be called such as rusted pipes. Should this be required we will invoice you for the work carried out. Unfortunately we do plumb the washing machine back in at your new property due to risk of leaks

+ Can you provide storage as part of our move?

Yes. We can offer both the lock and leave private storage room style in Wandsworth or long term container storage held in purpose built secure warehouses outside London. Whether you have a delayed completion of a few weeks or require something more long term and equally cost effective, we can help. Please contact us for further details.

+ Do I need to prepare anything prior to your arrival?

We ask that you prepare an overnight bag for you and your family including clothes, toiletries and any essential medicines. These bags can be left on your beds and our men will not pack them away. We recommend that you prepare an essentials bag including any documents relating to your move, phone chargers, keys etc. Please note that jewellery is not covered under our insurance so please pack and store safely prior to our arrival.

+ If I require furniture to be removed via a window above a ground floor, can you help?

Yes. We have plenty of experience in moves of this nature and can provide a furniture hoist to complete the job. Should you require a window frame to be taken out we can arrange for a handyman to complete this work for you.

+ Can I tip and how much should I tip the crew?

This is a question we are regularly asked! Whilst tipping is not a requirement of the job, you may feel that you would like to reward the men for a job well done we are sure they would be most appreciative. This is entirely at your discretion.

+ How do I make a claim against damages?

All claims must be notified in writing or via email within seven days of the last day of your move. If the claim is not reported to us within this timescale, then you will not be able to claim from ourselves or our insurers. We will then send you an insurance claim form and advise our Broker of your intention to claim. In order for the claim to be assessed, we require you to complete, in as much detail as possible, not only the claim form itself but also submit photos of any damage and any receipts and/or quotes for repair. Please note that our insurance policy is an indemnity policy and there is a £50.00 excess per claim.

+ Do you collect my empty boxes?

Yes. We collect your empty boxes (within the M25) and provide you with a £25.00 refund as long as they are in a reusable condition. Please cut the tape and flat pack these ready for our team to collect from you. We do not collect bubble-wrap, paper and tape and any other refuse. Outside of the M25, we may from time to time agree on a collection but this is something you’ll need to speak to our office about.