Late Key Waiver

If you are moving home and evaluating removal quotes, the company may have discussed a Late Key Waiver with you. This waiver allows you to pay a small amount to protect you against the possible additional charges you would incur if anything delays our access to your new property beyond 1.00pm on the move day.

Even with the most careful planning, sometimes there will be delays on the move day and some things are unfortunately outside of both yours and our control.
For example, if the previous owners of your new home are late in vacating the property or there is a hold up with the transfer / clearance of funds somewhere along the chain, then it can delay you gaining access to your new property at the time you were expecting.
When we give you a quote for your move, we base that on the amount of time we think it will take our staff to complete

your move. If they have to sit and wait without being able to get on with this work, we still have to pay them and although we understand this is outside of your control, this means our costs to do the job are higher than we expected based on something we cannot control.

In this kind of situation, where the removal crew are stuck waiting outside with a truck full of your belongings, you would be liable for extra costs for which we charge a standard rate of £20.00 + VAT per hour for each man on the job.

How does a Late Key Waiver protect me from these costs?

Unwanted and unexpected charges on your move day, when you might already be feeling stressed or anxious, are not something anyone wants to have to face. A Late Key Waiver is a one-off fee that you pay prior to moving, which ensures that should you be delayed in picking up the keys to your new property beyond 1.00pm on your completion day, the removal crew will wait up to 3 hours without you having to pay anything extra. (In our experience most moves that are delayed get access within 3 hours).

Essentially, the Late Key Waiver is designed to give you the peace of mind that if something should hold you up on your move day, you won’t incur any extra costs that you haven’t budgeted for and takes, at the very least, the financial stress out of the situation.

How do I take the Late Key Waiver?

You will see a section on your quote with this option detailed which you can tick to accept when you send us your acceptance. If you don’t see this line on your quote please just let us know and we can put this in place for you.

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What could my extra costs be if keys are late without taking the Late Key Waiver?

This depends on how many crew members are undertaking your move and how long they have to wait. Our standard
charge is £20.00 + VAT per hour for each man on the job.

Here’s an example:

  • Basic removals charge quoted (3 men): £1,250.00 + VAT
  • 3 hour delay charge: £180.00 + VAT
  • Total move cost WITHOUT Late Key Waiver: £1,430.00 + VAT
  • Total move cost WITH Late Key Waiver: £1,325.00 + VAT

In this example the saving by taking the Late Key Waiver in the event of a delay equals £105.00 + VAT.