Preparing Goods For Export

We are able to provide an expert wrapping service for both customers moving overseas or for those valuable and fragile items that you worry about around the house.

We can supply specialised materials to wrap:

  • Furniture and large items;

  • Canvas paintings;

  • Fragile items;

  • Sculptures and other irregularly-shaped items;

  • Lamps and lampshades; and more.

For more information or to discuss your requirements, simply ask us about this service when completing one of our online forms, or call us.

Stowage Options

20 Foot Shipping Container

Approximately 1000ft3 of space dedicated to your stuff and your stuff alone. This option is ideal for a two bedroom flat or small home.

40 Foot Shipping Container

A meaty 2000ft3 or so of dedicated storage space. This option is perfect for stowing a three to four bedroom family home.

Shared Shipping Container

Ideal for smaller volumes of export-wrapped and stored items to be transported that don't require your own dedicated shipping container.