Cavendish & Country have successfully shipped goods for all over the globe, from the UK to places as far reaching as the United States, Asia, Oceania, and destinations closer to our home in the United Kingdom.

Multiple shipping storage options are available depending on your needs, type and volume of items to be shipped, and your budget. Call us to talk through what you want shipped and when, and what is required for a smooth shipping experience.

Aprox. 1000 ft3
  • Approximately 1000ft3 of space dedicated to your stuff and your stuff alone. This option is ideal for a two bedroom flat or small home.
Aprox. 2000 ft3
  • A meaty 2000ft3 or so of dedicated storage space. This option is perfect for stowing a three to four bedroom family home.
Shared Shipments
  • Ideal for smaller volumes of export-wrapped and stored items to be transported that don't require your own dedicated shipping container.

Shipping quotes...

Quotes provided for removal services to European destinations include:

  • Export wrapping of all items to be shipped
  • Full written inventory
  • Transit with our shipping partner
  • Customs clearance*
  • Delivery to your overseas property
  • Marine Transit Insurance
  • Storage on arrival (if required)

*Please note that customs charges are not included and must be paid locally.