Social Responsibility

Two trees for every move. 

We donate a proportion of our profits to charity each year; we support a charity that reflects our values and our commitment to social responsibility. The charity we support is Tree Aid. Tree Aid work with communities in the drylands of Africa to plant trees and encourage other environmental improvements. This, in turn, leads to improved and more sustainable living conditions for thousands of people.

We aim to reduce our environmental impact wherever possible but we are aware that one of the main environmental impacts of moving home is the use of packaging materials to protect your possessions. By sourcing our materials from recycled and other sustainable sources, and at the same time contributing to tree-planting programmes in Africa, we are going some way to managing our business as part of a sustainable society.

Based on figures provided by Tree Aid, our donations will result in more than two trees being planted in Africa for each removal carried out by Cavendish &Country. In 2014, this equated to in excess of 1,000 trees planted.

To further enhance our efforts to reduce our environmental impact we operate an EcoRefund whereby following completion of a move within the M25, we will pick up our clients’ boxes for reuse and refund £25.00, depending on the size of the move.