Man & Van

Cavendish and Country are proud to introduce you to our sister company, tictoc - London's premier hourly man and van.

Our hourly Man & Van service gives you the flexibility to pay only for the time you use. Together with our expert advise you can select how many men you need and the size of vehicle you require to best get the job done. So, whether it’s a flat move in Chiswick or a move out of storage in Shepherds Bush you can rest assured we will get the job done in a professional and efficient manner.

At tictoc we pride ourselves on being very good at what we do. We move stuff ! It’s as simple as that. But…if you scratch beneath the surface however, you’ll find out a bit more about the tictoc ethos. There are three things that mean more to us than anything else:


Before you pick up the phone to call us, please take the time to ask yourself one thing…”What do I want from a ‘man and van’ service?” and your answers will probably be the same as ours…except for maybe number three. But hey…we don’t mind.

If you are a Business, we’d love to add you to our ever increasing client base. Visit our tictoc website and click on Business to Business.

We understand that some jobs are better suited to a man & van service. With offer the following rates for slightly smaller jobs or to move one off items.

£55/h - 1 man and a transit van

£65/h - 2 men and a box van

£75/h - 3 men and van combo